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A retrospection by Sifu T. Kolar

It was in 1994 when Edgar Zimmerman and I (Tihomir Kolar) were put in charge of the Escrima class of our former teacher P. Maull. Both of us were mere 4th grade students but our enthusiasm was HUGE!

Swollen fingers, bruised elbows and tons of bruises elsewhere were on the daily agenda. It didn't stop us however - and besides, the local hospital was just around the corner.






This situation probably wouldn't ever have changed if I woulnd't have signed up at the EWTO academy in the Langenzell castle.
I met Sifu Heinrich Pfaff there and started to take classes from him both at the castle and at his school in Heppenheim.




In addition to that training, Edgar and I tried to attend as many seminars of GM Bill Newman as possible, resulting in a noticable progress of our Escrima skills. In early 1995 both of us started our instructor's programme - to have everything set up properly. From then on Master Bill came to visit us twice a year to give fantastic seminars - you know what I'm talking about.
In February I became head of the school in Illingen. Edgar went on to the Netherlands (Enschede) to open up a WT and Escrima school there.

In 1997 I spent four months in Australia, trying to teach the folks down under some Escrima but hey, that place is so far away... Respect and many thanks to my good friend and colleague Sifu Stefan Fischer who's doing a great job down there! By the way, if Bernd Hoyer (one of my students) wouldn't have offered to be my stand-in, my trip to Australia would not have been possible. In addition to Illingen, I'm running two more schools in Bretten and Mühlacker and I'm planning another one in Vahingen (Enz).
On May 31st, 1998 I graduated my 1st HG - and the learning continued...

Now, let's move over to my fugleman Bernd Hoyer: He's both my student and good friend and he's in charge of teaching Escrima in all of my schools. Meanwhile he has become a HG himself and a valuable partner in training. It is very likely that Bernd will overtake his teacher. It's this very fact that makes me proud and satisfied of my work. The next-in-line fugleman is Falk Welker, another promising Escrimador and student of mine. I'm thinking about new concepts and objectives to enter the next millennium and to keep my schools up-to-date.

Nur Positives führt zu positiven Ergebnissen.
In diesem Sinne bis die Tage.
Tihomir Kolar 2.HG WT, 1.HG E, NT Kroatien


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