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News from the Newman-Escrima Academy

May, 27th 2023 The Grandmaster's Event in Großwallstadt was GM Bill's 2nd event after the pandemic pause and it's been a great pleasure to him to reward Master Bernd with the 8th Grade NE! "Well done, Bernd!" :-)
October, 19th 2019 Master Sascha Böhringer received today, Oct 19th, the 6th grade Newman-Escrima from GM Bill. Congratulations Master Bruce!
Shortly afterwards GM Bill Newman made history again: GM Bill appointed his long-time student Thomas Dietrich Grandmaster in Newman-Escrima! GM Tom is the first student of Grand Master Bill Newman to be appointed Grand Master. Congratulations from all of us, GM Tom!
July, 15th 2018 Regina "the Knife" and Frank "The Tank" get the 2nd Grade NE in Maulbronn. Congratulations to both!
July, 14th 2018 Steffen receives the 5th Grade NE at the instructor seminar in Maulbronn. Newman-Escrima has yet another master now!
Oct., 21st 2017 Master Thomas receives the 8th Grade NE at GM Bill's seminar in Seesen. Congratulations, Tom!
July, 16th 2017 Sasha, Bernd, and Alfred receive their 1st HG NE by GM Bill at the seminar in Maulbronn.
June, 4th 2017 Master Bernd receives the 7th Grade NE at the International Seminar in Hockenheim - and the crowd went wild.
Just a few minutes earlier Basti and Christian received the 3rd HG NE and Falk the 5th Grade NE. What an evening!


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