Official Member of

Gandmaster Bill Newman
and his
Demo Team - "The Newman Knights"


Grandmaster Bill Newman
10th Grade

Grandmaster Bill Newman
Grandmaster Thomas Dietrich
a.k.a. "The Doc"
9th Grade NE
Meister Thomas Dietrich Master Thomas Dietrich
Master Bernd Hoyer
a.k.a. "Picasso"
8th Grade NE
Meister Bernd Hoyer Master Bernd Hoyer
Master Sascha Böhringer
a.k.a. "Bruce Lee"
6th Grade NE
Sascha Böhringer Master Sascha Böhringer
Master Falk Welker
a.k.a. "Conan"
5th Grade NE

Falk Welker Falk Welker
Master Steffen Schneider
a.k.a. "M3"
5th Grade NE
Steffen Schneider Steffen Schneider
Michael Welge
a.k.a. "Mad Mitch"
4th Grade NE

Michael Welge Michael Welge
Bastian Unkauf
a.k.a. "The Maniac"
3rd Grade NE
Bastian Unkauf
Bastian Unkauf
Christian Karpp
a.k.a. "The Navigator"
3rd Grade NE

The Navigator
The Navigator
Simon Varga
a.k.a. "The Nutter"
2nd Grade NE

Simon Varga Simon Varga
Frank Wilser
a.k.a. "The Tank"
2nd Grade NE

Frank Wilser Frank Wilser
Thomas Jossa
a.k.a. "Spartacus"
2nd Grade NE

Thomas Jossa Thomas Jossa



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