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Escrima Videos
German TV programme about Escrima, July 2009
Application to counter strike #1
Direct hits to the arm with changing hands
Application stick grabbing
Application stab counter
Roof attack with stab and lock, countering strike #2
4th student's grade form
Sparring sequence
Attacks from different directions / angles
Countering strike #1
Countering a stab to the abdomen
Countering strike #2
Application from the Largo Mano form
The Largo Mano form (9th student grade)
Tonfa application (countering strike #2, 10th SG)
Tonfa application (countering strike #1, 10th SG)
Sword Warm-Up (11th SG)
Staff grabbing (1st HG)
Staff grabbing (1st HG, version 2)
Tonfa application for 2nd HG
Police form application (2nd HG)
Drill with sword and buckler for 3rd HG


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